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That’s What He Said: Fodder 4 Fathers


Today I have Adam from Fodder 4 Fathers in the interview chair. Adam was the first daddy blogger that I connected with when I started blogging. I follow his Facebook page daily and absolutely love keeping up with his kiddos’ crazy antics. Adam has been a great support, and I’m so happy to share his, ummmm, let’s just call them “interesting” responses to my weirdo questions.

F4F photoAdam is the founder of Fodder 4 Fathers.com. With his message of parental equality, Adam champions the involved dad, spreading his message of hope to thousands of mothers and fathers daily on both his Facebook page and website. Armed with just the simple idea that moms and dads could talk as equals when it comes to parenting, he has quickly created one of the most respected parenting communities on the Internet. A proud Canadian, born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Adam shares his life (and the workload) with his working wife, Jessica, and their two small children, affectionately known by their fans as “DD” and the “Lil F’er.” (Don’t worry, that stands for “Little Fodderer!)

And here’s what he said:

1. A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here?

“Everyone has an El Guapo (see The Three Amigos). Yours is a penguin wearing a sombrero and he’s collecting all those sardines in tomato sauce that no one eats in your house for the local food shelter.”

2. If my family and I came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us?

The blandest meal possible so no one would be plugging up my bathroom all night.

3. Pick two celebrities to be your parents.

Tom Cruise and John Travolta. I always wondered what it would be like to have religious, gay dads.

4. If you could only smell one smell for the rest of your life, what would it be?

My own farts. (Ok, ewwwww.)

5. King Kong vs. Godzilla? Who wins?

Godzilla. He doesn’t let his relationships distract him from his work.

6. What number am I thinking of right now?


7. How many diapers, stacked one by one, would you need to reach the moon?

That depends on whether or not they are pee soaked…

8. Best cartoon dad?

Barbapapa. He could turn in to sh@#. And not in that crappy Wonder Twin kind of way.

9. You’ve been asked to modernize the Twinkie; what’s your plan?

I don’t like Twinkies. I prefer King Dons. But after watching that dog scene in Van Wilder, I might have an idea or two.

10. What three tv shows best describe your life?

All I will say is I watch a lot of Argentinean soap operas when everyone else is asleep.

For more from Adam, please check out his website and his Facebook page. Thanks so much, Adam!

The idea for my “That’s What She (or He) Said” Interview series was born one evening when I was extremely tired and had a(nother) slight case of writer’s block. I really wanted to publish something, but even though I had 6 or 7 posts in the works, nothing was quite ready to publish. And I didn’t want to publish something half-assed just for the sake of publishing. So I decided it’d be fun to start doing some interviews. The point of these interviews is to introduce you to some of the talented writers whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these past few months. (And by “meeting,” of course I mean virtually.) But I don’t want any humdrum interviews, so the questions I ask are completely whacky and off the wall. Some of the questions I’ve found online, and some I’ve made up. I hope you enjoy them! To see the other interviews in the series, please click here

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4 thoughts on “That’s What He Said: Fodder 4 Fathers

  1. I remember finding F4F through you before! He is still one of my favorite bloggers/FB Celebrity 😉 of all time.

  2. Thanks for introducing me to Adam, Mackenzie. He happens to have one of my five favorite names!

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