"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot." (Aldo Leopold) Apparently, I cannot.

Me and My People

Before I realized I could add a whole page devoted to introducing you to me and my family, I wrote two posts doing this: Our Cast of Characters, and It’s All About Me. If you don’t feel like clicking through to them (I get it, sometimes I don’t want new pages opening either), here is some condensed info:

Me and My Hubby (aka, Super)


Love this man!

This is me and Super. He’s handsome, eh? Super is a Radiologist and is super smart. Yeah, I know what you’re thinking. I married up. Don’t I know it! In more ways than one, I can assure you. But I digress.

My (real) name is Mackenzie, but around here I’m known as Mamma, Kenz, or Hun. First and foremost my profession is being a mommy to my three amazing children. I am also an editor.

Likes: serial commas, exclamation points, em-dashes, adding commentary in parentheses (if you don’t know this by now, go back and read through my posts so far–see what I did here?!); sleep, although I don’t get nearly enough these days (same goes for showers); imagination; Italian and Mexican food, cheese, key lime pie, churros, diet Pepsi; handwritten notes; pretty much anything about vampires; chapstick (like, I’m addicted); sarcasm; Brad Pitt; my hair; flip flops; anything cute and cuddly; vacuuming; my favoritest pair of holey, black, super comfy yoga-type pants. Dislikes: bad drivers; snow (god, I hate snow); people that say, “I need [this or that]” when ordering food or whatever, instead of saying, “I would like,” or “May I please have”; doing the dishes, laundry, dusting, folding fitted sheets; swimming in the ocean or any other body of water that isn’t a pool–I have an irrational fear of sharks and other creatures of the deep; running; lint; the phrase, “just sayin”; when people put the toilet paper on the roll so that it comes off the bottom, not over the top . . .

I could not have become a mommy without my husband. (You all know how that works, but if you need a refresher, I once again direct you to Google. Oh, and dad, if you’re reading this, all our babies were delivered by the stork.) Seriously, though, we make a good team, and I’m so happy to be on this crazy journey with him. In the past 10 years, we have made it through his med school, my grad school, three moves, and now almost all of his residency (he finishes up this summer, woot woot)! Super is the smartest person I know. But, most importantly, he’s hot he is a great husband and amazing father.

Belle, Saurus, and Eli

Note: If you skipped reading the original post and are curious about my kids’ names, here’s the link again.


My three wild things!

Belle is our oldest, she’s 5 (although some days I think she’s really 10). Belle comes to us standing at 3 1/2 feet tall and weighing in at just more than 40 lbs. Likes: fashion (clearly!), baby dolls, princesses, ponies, drawing, reading, singing, dancing, anything sparkly . . . pretty much anything traditionally “girly.” (This is funny to me because I was a tomboy when I was little. [I know, it’s hard to believe since I’m practically a model now.]) Dislikes: vegetables, shows about dinosaurs (see below), having to ask for help. Belle is the sweetest big sister ever, and my heart swells with pride as I watch her with her brothers.

Saurus is our middle child, he’s 3. He stands just more than 3 feet tall, and weighs in at just more than 30 lbs. Likes: dinosaurs, shows about dinosaurs, books about dinosaurs, dinosaur toys, dinosaur stuffed animals. Did I mention dinosaurs? Oh, and pretty much any food. Like, if you have food, you can bet he’ll be cozying up to you and begging for some. Dislikes: tags of any kind in his clothes, sharing, timeouts. Although Saurus can give me a run for my money, he is the sweetest little cuddle bug with a smile that I’m sure could melt even the coldest of hearts. (Really, just look at that face!)

And Eli is our youngest, he’s 1. He measures in at 29 and a half inches, and weighs 19 lbs. He’s our little peanut! Likes: being held by mommy ALL THE TIME. Ok, not all the time, because occasionally he does like get down so that he can show off his impressive climbing skills and give me a heart attack. Oh, he also likes chewing on anything he can get his little hands on, taking baths, and sleeping (when he doesn’t have an ear infection). Dislikes: poopy diapers, being away from mommy, sleeping with an ear infection, not getting what he wants when he wants it. (Technically, I could use this for all three.) Eli really does have the sweetest disposition (aside from typical baby fussiness) and is taking after his brother in the cuddles and smile department.

6 thoughts on “Me and My People

  1. “when people put the toilet paper on the roll so that it comes off the bottom, not over the top”

    This is all kinds of wrong… I do believe we must be kindred spirits.

    Found you via Ashley at Sorry kid, Your Mom Doesn’t Play Well With Others… looking forward to reading more!

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  3. I have a deep affection (meaning I over-use and adore) adding things in quotations too. I also don’t get near the sleep that I need. And when I say “I need sleep”, I do not mean that “I would like” or “May I have. . .” It’s a need gal. Ya feel me? I can tell we’ll be besties. So happy I found ya!

  4. Ok, NEEDING sleep is completely fine, you’re right! So happy, too. 🙂

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