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That’s What She Said: A Mother Life


What do you get when have a tired blogger with a(nother) slight case of writer’s block who really wants to publish something but even though she has 6 or 7 posts in the works nothing is quite ready to publish, and said blogger doesn’t want to publish something half-assed just for the sake of publishing? (Did I say “publish” enough there? Publish.) The birth of my new interview series, “That’s What She Said.” (Don’t worry fellas, if I have the occasion to interview a dude — and please know, I’d love to have the occasion to interview a dude — I will change the “she” to a “he”!)


The point of these interviews is to introduce you to some of the talented writers whom I’ve had the pleasure of meeting these past few months. (And by “meeting,” of course I mean virtually.) But I don’t want any humdrum interviews, so I went searching online for some out-of-the-ordinary interview questions, and boy did Google deliver.

My favorite questions came from the Huffington Post article “25 Bizarre Interview Questions From America’s Most Famous Companies.” (Although I have to admit that I’ve never heard of some of these most famous companies.) So for my first interview, I picked my 10 favorite questions from this article and went looking for people up for the challenge of answering them. Quickly. Because did I mention that all of this happened at 10 o’clock at night? Last night? Thankfully, I found a lot of people up to the challenge . . .

MolleyUp first is Molley from A Mother Life. Molley is a true blue Aussie living in Harlem, NYC. She arrived kicking and screaming behind her eccentric, entrepreneurial, ADD, OCD husband, herding her small children along the way. She writes at A Mother Life about her experiences navigating parenthood in a foreign country. She’s also a pet parent to Sir Lickalot, the brain-damaged, one-eyed rescue dog, and Sid Fishious, the giant, helium-filled clownfish. This year she’s reluctantly participating in a reality show about it all. Jealous yet?

And here’s what she said . . .

1. How many cows are in Canada? (from Google)

Ok that’s a very subjective question but I imagine all the Canadian cows are in Canada unless Canada has a large export concern then I guess some Canadian cows would be in places other than Canada…ok wait, I think I hurt myself…can I Google this?

2. A penguin walks through that door right now wearing a sombrero. What does he say and why is he here? (From Clark Construction Group)

Maybe I took a wrong turn…ooooh guacamole anyone!

3. What song best describes your work ethic? (from Dell)

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap…oh, wait that’s not very good is it? But see I’m cheap…bonus!

4. What do you think about when you are alone in your car? (from Gallup)

Well since I no longer have a car, thanks to my daughter wrapping it around a tree (it saves on parking), this is a question I will have to answer from previous experience. I remember thinking about whether my children would crash my car and would the insurance cover that? Yep…it does, see planning pays.

5. How would you rate your memory? (from Marriot)

Memory? Wait, what was the question? Hmmm probably not very good.

6. If [my family and I] came to your house for dinner, what would you prepare for us? (from Trader Joe’s)

Well that depends on who you are and how I feel…If I like you we’d probably grill something fabulous on the terrace and enjoy some cocktails…If I don’t really dig you that much, we’ll probably order in.

7. How would people communicate in a perfect world? (from Novell)

Telepathically, that way there’s no confusion or miscommunication…ha! See what I did there? No? HELLOOOO this is why we need telepathy! Sheesh.

8. Pick two celebrities to be your parents. (from Urban Outfitters)

Clint Eastwood and Helen Mirren, oh gosh, I hope they like each other…that would be awkward.

9. What kitchen utensil would you be? (from Bandwith.com)

Spatula, always a spatula.

10. How do you make a tuna sandwich? (from Astron Consulting)

Go to subway and order the tuna melt… did I mention I don’t cook much?

For more from Molley, please check out her blog, A Mother Life, and her Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest pages. Thanks, Molley!

Author: Mamma Wild Thing

I'm a mamma to four little wild things and can't imagine life any other way. (Well, most days.)

16 thoughts on “That’s What She Said: A Mother Life

  1. Love! Hysterical questions and hilarious answers! What a FUN FUN FUN idea!

  2. Love this!!!!!!

  3. I love this! Can I come over for cocktails?

  4. I was playing along at home, and I had the same answer for number one! All the Canadian cows.

  5. The interview was FAB! And funny! But I’m still hung up on the reality show! We needs details!!

  6. Wow – Molly talk about raising the bar! Can I with drawl my name from future interviews? JK.

  7. Molley did a great job! Is she hired? Judging by these questions, I would love to interview people for a living. I would def. have a vlog portion and a drawing sample 🙂

  8. Telepathy! YES. I want to hear more about this reality show!

    Fun series, and I’m excited for the next installment!

  9. I love this!! Molly I already thought you were wonderful but now I love you even more!! Great questions and really great answers!!

  10. Ha! I love this! Those are some seriously crazy questions and, Molley, you gave some great answers. If I ever come visit, I’m hoping for cocktails! 🙂

  11. Yayyy! I’m so glad you all enjoyed this. Of course, Molley was a super first victim. Errrr, I mean interviewee. Can’t wait to see what the rest of you have to say. 🙂

  12. This was so awesome!! A good writer can’t avoid writer’s block, but she can push through it and take her writing to a different place! You totally did that! Truly you are a great writer. Thanks for the laughs and showing us how to think outside our usual bloggy box.

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