"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot." (Aldo Leopold) Apparently, I cannot.


Guest Post: Ted the Movie: Ted the Experience (from Joy at ComfyTown Chronicles)

Hello lovelies. Today brings us to our last guest post for the week from Joy at ComfyTown Chronicles. I fell in love with Joy at first read. She is terribly funny. I swear, I cannot read something she posts either on her blog or on her Facebook page without laughing. She probably thinks I’m stalking her based on the amount of time I spend liking stuff and commenting on her Facebook page. (Ok, maybe I am, just a little.) But seriously, I dare you to read anything she writes and not laugh. Really. I TRIPPLE DAWG DARE you. 

I actually gave Joy an  award back in March and had to come up with some questions for her to answer in a blog so that her readers could get to know her better. Here are a few of my favorites (CURSING WARNING):

Me: If you could marry a food, what would it be?
Joy: What, now FOOD can get married but two WOMEN cannot? Fuck you, America.

Me: Are you a tp folder or crinkler?
Joy: I don’t mess with teepees. Haven’t Native Americans been through enough?

Me: What is one thing you absolutely cannot leave your house without?
Joy: My babies. I’m pretty sure I read it’s like a law or at least a bad idea to leave them home alone or something.

Me: What is your favorite type of salad dressing?
Joy: Pizza
And she provided this awesomesauce graphic:


Me: Can you do the robot? Well?
Joy: Can I move to music like I’m made of rigid metal and not even human? Yeah I can do that. Like a metal ass boss.

Ok, before I reach record status for the world’s longest guest post introduction, I give you . . . 

Ted the Movie: Ted the Experience
by Joy, ComfyTown Chronicles

I started to watch the movie “Ted,” I posted on Facebook it was because my teenage son had rented it and left it in the DVD player. But deep down I just wanted to see if Seth McFarlane could take his brand of comedy, add swearing, and literally anything he wanted with the *m*a*g*i*c* of MOVIES, and make something I would find funny. He was funny during a roast, and in interviews, he might actually make a funny movie. If you’re a fan, don’t worry, it is NOT you. I am one of five assholes in America who don’t find him funny. I almost find him funnier than Adam goddamn Sandler (old SNL songs save him), but that’s a rant of another color. Yes, it is ME.

Movie. So this movie was a great idea, and had some great moments. Let me just say that. I sat through a good maybe 15 minutes of Ted before I got bored and started googling reviews (it’s what I do when I’m bored with a movie). None of the reviews made me lose my water, but I did find out that it’s not JUST me. TWO other people didn’t care for the movie. Most of the reviews confirmed that people for the most part, find this brand of stoner humor, heeee-larious. Like Family Guy.

It has its place in the world, don’t get me wrong. I LONG to laugh at the stupidity of it. Isn’t that why we watch TV? To turn our minds off and just be entertained? My problem is, I assume I am GOING to be entertained. But I don’t fry my brain on narcotics first, that is clearly my mistake. Isn’t doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results the definition of insanity? Fucking guilty.

I give it the ole try, but within 10 minutes of Family Guy, I mentally check myself into the Overlook Hotel, with a million monkeys typing on a million typewriters: “I am Jack’s Complete Lack of Surprise” over and over and over until the lady that played Olive Oil comes in and I need to find my good stabbing knife.

People have screamed, “It’s so great. Give it another chance” they said. “Maybe you were in a bad mood.” I’ve tried and tried. Believe me, offended by their pushing the edge of the envelope, I am NOT. That’s the ONLY part I like about it. A sarcastic baby, that’s funny. Then he tells the SAME jokes over and over. Quagmire? Who doesn’t love a pervert? These jokes SHOULD be better than when LARRY GODDAMN DALLAS did all this SAME SHIT in Three’s Company. They’re way more perverted and disgusting this time around. The first time I saw the show it WAS funny. I may have laughed out loud.

But then there they are again. And again, the SAME jokes. And OH, there it is again. Same joke. Hey I know this joke, it’s the SAME joke as last time. Hi same joke, how are you? How are the wife and kids? Same? Yeah I know. You think they might think of a new way to be sarcastic, same. NEW pervert humor? SAME. A new way to torture his mother….SAME. Sarcasm can be different, right? No SAME. But maybe—-SAME. SAME. SAME. SAME. SAME. SAA-A-A-A-that-bastard-can-really-drag-out-a-mediocre-chuckle-A-A-A-A-AAAAAME.

If I went on like ^THAT^ for another half an hour? You MIGHT know how I feel watching Family Guy. I want to punch myself in the FACE *hard* every time I watch it. Then Seth McFarlane. Then myself again. Then him AGAIN and then slooooowly……almost gently…..methodically REPEAT this for at least TWENTY MINUTES so he gets how long, mundane and BOOORING his show IS TO ME! AAAHHHH!!!! STOP WATCHING IT, JOY! It NEVER gets better! Sorry. I’m sorry. I’ll get control back from Sam Kinnison.

Ok. Phew.

Anyway, back to Ted. Once I had finished checking my email, making some notes to myself, and reading literally ALL TEN PAGES of reviews on Ted on rottentomatoes.com, just so I had something else to focus on, I knew the self punching was about to kick in. I could NOT sit there, pretending to ignore it. ALL of my kids were either sleeping or otherwise detained, did I really want to spend this PRECIOUS time trying not to pull the muscles involved in eye rolling? I literally got UP, went into my basement and began wrestling my treadmill out of the laundry room, to put it back. We moved it for a family party, and it needed to go back.

To put it back, I needed to move several laundry baskets, throw rugs, take down a folding table and six folding chairs, move our basement dining table and chairs, basically rearrange the basement room and push, pull and at times SHOVE my old treadmill out of one room, down a looong narrow hallway, and through another narrow door, banging my hands 10 times along the way. (Shouldn’t MOVING a treadmill burn more calories? I mean, the swearing alone got my heart rate up.) Anyway, all that just to then work out. And THAT? Was sooo much better than watching that damn movie. Maybe the last half got better? I dunno. It’s not worth kicking my own ass to find out.

That concludes my review of this movie. It was an overall great experience for me and my home.

Thank you for the motivation to get up and be productive again after the holidays, Seth McFarlane, movie maker, motivator, life coach.

Seth McFarlane, you’re my hero.
(Ferris Bueller reference. It needed just ONE more vague movie reference, don’t ya think? I thought so.)

I laughed more watching potty training videos with my toddler:

talking toilet paper roll

I hope the fact that I laughed my way through Ted doesn’t affect our friendship, Joy! Thanks so much for stopping by. If you want a little more Joy in your life, be sure to check out her blog and her Facebook page. Just make sure to take her anything scifi or fantasy related. She loves that stuff. She’s a geek. And she knows it. Oh, and if you feel the need to bake her some goodies (she loves food), just make sure it doesn’t include any honey or cinnamon; she hates that stuff. Weirdo. 

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Guest Post: Just One More Day (from Meredith at The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears)

Today I’m happy to share a post with you from my second guest blogger, Meredith from The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears. Having had a goody-goody image her entire life, Meredith finally had enough. She started a blog, The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears, where she comes out of the closet about her love for swear words and wine. When she’s not acting as chauffeur for her kids, you’ll find her avoiding laundry by playing on Facebook and Twitter.

Meredith and I have a lot in common as well, especially the belief in the romantic notion of soul mates. (I know, I know.) She met hers when she was 9 and a new family with a little boy her age moved in across the street . . . and after that boy proclaimed a year later that he was going to marry her one day, it actually happened. And their parents still live across the street from each other to this day! 

Oh, and Meredith is a “master of sarcasm and smartassery.” 1) I love her because she’s not afraid to admit this, and this is another similarity we share. 2) I love her for using the term “smartassery”! 

In this post, however, Meredith waxes more nostalgic than either sarcastic are smartasstic (yeah, I just made up that word)–and I think it’s something we can all relate to. Enjoy!

Just One More Day
by Meredith, The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears

We’re done having kids. Like done. D-O-N-E.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little heavy-hearted about it. Lately I’ve been reading a lot of blogs by women who are currently pregnant or have newborns. I’m going to have to stop reading their posts so my uterus will settle the hell down.

I’m content in my decision to stop at two, but in all honesty, it makes me truly sad that I won’t experience some of those precious times again. Now wait just a minute. I said some.

One of my first published posts was about all the things that I thought sucked about being pregnant and having a baby. It was fairly extensive, but in no way all-inclusive. Even so (believe it or not) there were some moments that I would give ANYTHING to do over. If only for a day.

I did not have easy pregnancies. Neither was I “the cutest little pregnant person you ever did see.” The only part of it I really enjoyed was feeling the baby move. Once I got past how alien-like it was, I loved it. I could usually tell if it was a hand or a foot or a head I could see pushing against my enormous belly. I rented one of those monitors that allowed you to hear the heartbeat. I could sit and listen to that “badump badump badump” for hours. I wish I could have just one more listen.

I was one of the lucky ones that carried my babies to term and they came out pink and screaming and healthy. I got to hold them right away. Charming and I oohed and aahed over the new little life we miraculously brought into this great big world. And we freaked out just a little that that life was ours to take care of. Each night in the hospital I couldn’t wait for the nurse to bring me my new bundle for a middle-of-the night feeding. I really did look forward to it. I spent the wee hours of both of my children’s lives studying every inch of their tiny bodies. Listening to their coos. Learning their cries. And falling in love over, and over, and over again. I wish I could have just one more night.

I loved watching my babies sleep. I still do. But, they are now too big to rock and cradle in my arms. I took advantage of as many nap times as I could – not to dust or fold laundry – but to sit and hold them while they slumbered. Many times dozing off along with them, their little heads on my shoulder, breathing their hot sweet baby breath on my neck. I wish I could share just one more nap.

The exciting firsts. The first smiles, the first words, the first steps, the first “momma.” I remember them for both of my children. We still have many “firsts” to go, but they seem to get more serious…and a little bit scary as they get older. I wish we could witness just one more sweet first.

Don’t go thinking I’m getting nostalgic enough to do this baby thing a third time. Practically nothing would make less sense for our family. It’s just sometimes hard to accept that this time in our lives has come and gone. But as will every stage of parenting, it has. And one day we’ll look back at the days we are in now (at least I hope so) with happy memories and wish we could have just one more day.

Thanks so much for sharing, Meredith! If you’d like to read more from the girl next door, be sure to check her out on her blogFacebook, and Twitter. She’s from Texas, ya’ll, so if you do stop by, make sure to take her a Dr. Pepper–I hear all Texans love Dr. Pepper. And of course make sure it’s ginormous because we all know that everything is bigger in Texas!

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Too Tired to Try Tuesday: 3 Kinds of Homemade Finger Paints

If you cringed when you saw the craft for this week, don’t worry, I’m right there with you. Deem me a terrible mom if you want, but I loathe doing a lot of crafts–not because I don’t like crafts, but because I despise the cleanup. Let’s face it, when it’s all said and done, usually your kid is a mess, your work area is a mess, and you are a mess.

But I’m starting to embrace the mess. And I realize that part of the fun for kids doing crafts is the mess. So this week’s craft is full of mess . . . . homemade finger paints. (Mess, mess, mess, mess, mess. Have I used that word enough yet? It’s starting to sound funny now when I say it.)

There are three different paint recipes to try: 1) a cornflour/cornstarch recipe, 2) a plain flour finger paint recipe, and, I quote, 3) a “best ever” homemade finger paint recipe.


So this is a pic of shaving cream paint I made for my kids last summer. They were easy to make, and easy to clean up–I actually had them paint in the tub (lol)–but they did stain. Why am I using this pic here, then, if it doesn’t have anything to do with the 3 homemade paint recipes I’m sharing in this post? Well, I needed a picture of homemade paints, and this was all I had. (Plus it shows I CAN be crafty.)

I picked these particular recipes because

  • They promise to only require “common and cheap household ingredients” and “very little time and effort” (You know I’m already on board with the “little time and effort” part!)
  • Only safe ingredients are used, so you can make these paints with even your youngins
  • They claim to be “easy to clean” and “completely washable” and apparently “do not stain clothes”

This site also suggests some fun variations to try when making your paints, like changing the consistency with dishwashing liquid and adding textures and scents.

So, if you want to get a little messy with your wild things, click here to try one (or all) of the recipes.

And don’t worry, if you don’t want to get too too messy, you can click here for suggestions for how to reduce the mess before, during, and after painting.

As always, if you try it, let us know how it turns out. And send some pics!

I’m no cooking or crafting guru, so I started these Too Tired to Try Tuesday posts to share craft and recipe ideas that I’ve come across and would really like to try but am just too damned tired (that sounds better than lazy, right?) to get around to. In addition to ideas that I find, I am open to submissions from you–either something tried and true or something you want to try but haven’t had the time to. Just send me an email at raisingwildthingsblog@gmail.com with your ideas, and I may share them here. (And by “may” I mean “will definitely”! I just confessed how lazy tired I am, so if you take the time to send me something to share, I’m going to share it!)


Guest Post: How My Husband Keeps Me Up at Night (from Michelle at You’re my favorite today)

Since I’m out of town all of this week, I’ve lined up three great guest bloggers for your reading pleasure. Each of these bloggers is on my short list of blogs that I make a priority to check out if I have limited browsing time. They all share a good mix of funny and honesty, and most importantly, they are all sincere and not afraid to be themselves. And I can honestly say that they are a great inspiration for me as I continue on my own writing journey.

First up is Michelle from You’re my favorite today. Michelle and I have a lot in common: Neither one of us has ever had a speeding ticket, we both have a B.A. and a master’s degree, we’re both carb-a-holics, we both love Ellen, we both taught ourselves how to crochet, and, perhaps most importantly, we both love diet Pepsi. All of our similarities, and the fact that Michelle is super hilarious, allows me to overlook the fact that she does not like cilantro (what?) or tequila (double what??). Also, I’m hoping that one day she will invite me to come play at her cabin in Minnesota.

Now, without further adieu . . . 

How My Husband Keeps Me Up at Night
by: Michelle, You’re my favorite today

Husband is a little concerned he’s becoming my blog’s “foil.”
I can’t imagine why he feels that way. I mean, think I’ve made it pretty clear that I adore that man and his ‘Bachelor’ lovin’ ways (exhibit A).
And it’s a damn good thing I do. Here’s why…

If there’s one thing I love better than Target, John Hughes’ movies and John Stamos, it’s sleep.
My answer to the question, “Are you a morning person or a night person?” is (without pause) – “Neither”.
I can, and very often do, nap every day.
On weekends I will sleep until 9 or 10:00 easily if I don’t have to be somewhere.
As soon as the girls were old enough to chew we trained them to come sit between us on our bed – silently – when they woke up at 6 a.m. on weekends and let them go crazy with a box of Fruit Loops and cartoons so we could sleep until at least 8 or 9 (whatever. They obviously turned out fine. There’s fruit in those loops. duh).

Lately, like the past 6 months lately, my precious sleep has been interrupted by Husband’s new fun trick – snoring.

I’ll be honest. It sucks.

But before I go any further, I must post this disclaimer (disguised as a loving letter to my Husband):

Dear Husband,
First of all, I love you. Now then….
I realize you cannot help your incessant snoring.
I know you feel badly about it and am grateful and appreciative that when I punch you awake you immediately apologize, grab your pillow and head for the couch, leaving me the comfy bed (most nights).
Thank you for trying the Breathe Right strips, the $50 mouth guard (that didn’t work and probably not because you took it out in the middle of the night) and even for contemplating surgery to remove the flappy skin at the back of your throat.
I apologize if the words you are about to read regarding your unfortunate condition are in any way hurtful.
your wife who loves you despite this condition but who would be happier if she was more well-rested.

Okay, so back to me.

Me who loves to sleep.

I can remember when my girls were babies and toddlers and I’d be all sound asleep, pillow perfectly pluffed (it’s a real word), cat curled up on my chest, and they’d start crying out in their sleep, slowly at first but gradually escalating to a screech that would make the cat leap in the air and make my stomach lurch and would almost always cause me to cuss like a sailor as I was jolted out of my sacred sleep.

The snoring is a lot like that.
Seriously, I feel like lately I’ve had the god-awful baby-to-toddler sleep patterns that I’ve spent like 7 years trying to block out.

What’s funny is that like one night a week the snoring is mild (meaning it wakes me up <4 times) and so we get all optimistic and think HE’S CURED! IT WAS ALL A FLUKE! HAPPY DAYS (and nights) ARE HERE AGAIN!!

So we go to sleep all happy (“night!” “night!” kiss kiss blah blah blah) and within 5 minutes, Husband’s breathing takes a turn for the worse.
Becomes heavy.
Usually contains a sound like the syllable “k” on the exhale.
That’s when I know.
That’s when I start to feel a panic deep in my tummy.
That’s when I start to whimper and cry (only on the inside…only on the inside).
And sure as shootin’, the “k” sound decides to stick around for the inhale.
And then it’s all over.

At this point, one of two things usually happens:
1) I begin lightly jostling Husband on his upper arm until the snoring is interrupted. I thankfully try to quickly – very very quickly – fall asleep before it starts again.
2) I don’t…It does…and the “light jostling” turns ugly, Husband groggily says, “was I snoring??”, I grump say “YES!!”, he grabs pillow and heads for the couch.

Some nights one of us will just concede defeat and start the night on the couch, avoiding the whole scenario.

So Husband is currently battling a cold/sinus infection.
And last night, while I was trying to go to sleep (as I felt was evident by the fact that my light was out, my eyes were closed, my cat was settled on my chest), I hear something that sounds like either

a) a cat giving himself a very thorough bath
b) small raindrops hitting the window

nope…neither…it was

c) Husband sucking on a lozenge, flipping it around and around in his mouth while he was playing on his iPad.

and then….then….

the incessant coughing/clearing the throat started.

Swear to god it felt like I was trapped in a hotel room again with my family.

Except now I could grab my cat and my pillow and escape. Which I did. Quickly. Before the snoring-that-reaches-new-decibles-when-he-has-a-cold joined the coughing.

No, really.
Please help.


Thanks so much for stopping by, Michelle! To stalk, errrr I mean follow Michelle, you can find her being all awesome on her blogFacebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. (Man, she really gets around, eh?) If you do stop by, please tell her I say hi, and take her a nice big diet Pepsi and a big, fat french baguette with garlic butter. (I’m serious about that trip to Minnesota, dontcha know!) 🙂

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Lazy Sunday: Week in Review 4/14/13

In case you missed anything this week . . .

My Blog Posts

So I’ve gotten into a mommy rut. I focus so much of my energy on my kids, I’ve forgotten to take care of me. Long hair I can put in a pony tail, no makeup, yoga pants and (usually a clean) tshirt . . . not to mention my complete lack of desire to do any sort of exercising. But I decided to make some changes and work on recovering from what I term momopause. My first step was to completely chop off my hair. I’m still deciding on a nose ring and more tattoos.

On Tuesday, I went against the point of my Too Tired to Try Tuesday post and actually made what I shared: Trix Krispies Treats. The reason for this was twofold — the recipe really is that easy, plus I needed a photo of the finished product because I couldn’t get permission in time to use one from the original post. Plus I needed a little sweet fix. Ok, so I guess that’s threefold. These are pretty and a fun little twist on traditional Rice Krispies Treats.

The next day I shared with you an update on my progress in The Orange Rhino challenge. My original goal was 365 days of no yelling. How many did I manage? Am I still going? And what have I learned?

And finally, as always, I wrapped up the week with our Shiny, Happy, Sparkly, Feel-Good Friday post — a pig in a sweater, chocolate moustaches, and lots of kid cuteness filled this post. Thanks to everyone who shared a little bit of happy with us. Keep it coming!

My Favorite Kid

This week my favorites said:

  • Sunday: “I think we should turn the tv off for a long time now,” said my favorite today.
  • Monday: “Mommy, I know if I’m scaried Sissy will pwee-tect me,” said my favorite today. (And yes, back to calling me Mommy, phew!)
  • Tuesday: “Mommy, I will hold Sissy’s hand and make sure she is safe,” said my favorite today. (He’s on a roll.)
  • Wednesday: “Whhheeeeeeeee,” said my favorites (note the plural here) today as we drove around with the windows down.
  • Thursday: “Mamma, this tongue in my mouf is for lickin ice cream. And chocolate,” said my favorite today. (Can’t really argue with that.)
  • Friday: “I’m going to sleep the latest tomorrow morning,” said my favorite today.
  • Saturday: “I wish Daddy could stay home everyday,” said my favorite today.

My Top 5 Facebook Posts

My friend Amy (Funny is Family) turned me on to doing little screenshots of my posts — I thought this was way more fancy than the boring italics treatment I’d been using. 🙂 Thanks, Amy.


There you have it. Just another week with the wild things.


Shiny, Happy, Sparkly, Feel-Good Friday: 4/12/13

Here’s your dose of happy for the week . . . Enjoy!

Some things that made me happy!

Morning cuddles with my 3 boys

Morning cuddles with my 3 boys

Getting her bag (with books in it!) ready for a trip to the park

Getting her bag (with books in it!) ready for a trip to the park

Playing fetch with himself

Playing fetch with himself

Free cone day at Ben & Jerry's (our lunch that day)

Free cone day at Ben & Jerry’s (our lunch that day)

Sibling love

Sibling love

Sometimes all you need is a dump truck, a shovel, two flower pots, and a bunch of dirt

Sometimes all you need is a dump truck, a shovel, two flower pots, and a bunch of dirt

Some things that made you happy!

A few quotes from our cute little buddy B in MD:

“I love all the colors of the rainbow, mommy!”
“I love you the size of a swimming pool and airplane!”

From Erin in MO: Two achievements . . . Completed her first 5K (ran the whole thing and beat her goal time by 2 mins), and her 5 mo rolled over for the first time (notice how proud his big sister is)!

From Erin in MO: Two achievements . . . Completed her first 5K (ran the whole thing and beat her goal time by 2 mins), and her 5 mo learned how to roll over (notice how proud his big sister is)!

My friend Michelle from You're my favorite today (http://youremyfavoritetoday.blogspot.com/) loved this cute little piggy!

My friend Michelle from You’re my favorite today (http://youremyfavoritetoday.blogspot.com) loved this cute little piggy!

From Julianne in MD: "Thanks, Granny and Peepaw, for taking us to the circus. We LOVE our new shirts!!"

From Julianne in MD: “Thanks, Granny and Peepaw, for taking us to the circus. We LOVE our new shirts!!”

Thanks to everyone who submitted some happiness! Please keep it coming. Until next week…


Fridays on Raising Wild Things are Shiny, Happy, Sparkly, Feel-Good Fridays! Since parenting can sometimes suck the  life out of me, I wanted to do these posts as reminders of the good, the great things that happened during the week amid all the crazy, exhausting, sometimes frustrating, sometimes maddening, sometimes head-exploding moments that seem to linger in my memory and can put me in a mommy funk. What makes you happy? Please share!


The Orange Rhino Challenge: Update #1

If you missed it, last week I took up The Orange Rhino’s no-yelling challenge and shared the beginning of my journey with you in my first post: I’m In: The Orange Rhino Challenge. I was so excited to start this, and even got the rest of the family in on it.

My goal: 365 days. I made it 7 with absolutely no yelling. Really, none. But then I started slipping on the 8th day. I still wasn’t yelling, but I was talking through clenched teeth a lot of the time, and I wasn’t always talking so nicely. I wanted to regain my traction, so I decided to start over yesterday; rewind to Day 1. And I didn’t even make it through that day.

What set me off? Trying to get the kids out the door for a special treat and being met with a ton of fussing and whining from the 3 yo. He didn’t want to leave the house. He didn’t want to stop playing with his dinosaurs. His shoes felt funny. He hit his sister. It’s the same damn thing EVERY time we try to leave the house. And I lost it. “Why are you fussing so much when I’m trying to do something nice for you?” “Why can’t we get out the door without you pitching a fit?” “Why do you have to do this every time we try to leave the house?”

It’s painful for me to admit this and to read back what I said. Because you know what? I KNOW this happens every time. My son is 3–he doesn’t always deal well with transitioning from one thing to the next. And he doesn’t have the emotional maturity to handle his feelings and frustration during these times. So, he pitches a fit. AND I KNOW THIS. I know this so much that I usually help prep him for outings or any other seemingly abrupt change in scene. If I know we’re going out, I’ll start the day by going over our schedule–what we’ll be doing, where we’ll be going. And then when we need to go somewhere, I start about an hour out reminding him that we’ll soon need to stop whatever it is we’re doing so that we can start getting ready to leave. You get the picture. Usually this works, but not always. AND I KNOW THIS, TOO.

So really, the problem wasn’t with my son at all. It was with me. He was being a normal 3 yo experiencing normal 3 yo emotions, and dealing with them in a normal 3 yo way. Instead of asking why he was behaving the way he was, I should have been asking myself what I needed to do to calm myself down so that I could re-approach the situation without the anger and frustration. Because I’m the adult. But I didn’t, and I yelled. And we were back to square one.

So, here I sit feeling a bit defeated. And sad. But I am trying. And so are the kids. And we will keep trying. This in itself, I realize, is a huge step.

Today is a new day. Day 1. Again. We can do this. No matter how many times we need to start over.

Until the next update . . .

To keep up with my journey, please feel free to check out my Orange Rhino Challenge page. For more information on the challenge, please visit: http://theorangerhino.com. And if you’re on the challenge, too, let me know. We can support each other and hold each other accountable. Go Orange!


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Too Tired to Try Tuesday: Trix Krispies Treats

My apologies for this coming so late in the day. I typically like to get my posts out in the morning, but I had some “technical” difficulties with this one.

I was searching for a craft to share this week since I did food last week, but then I came across a recipe with such visually pleasing photos that I just had to pass it along. And this is where I wanted to do a big drumroll-like introduction to the recipe by including one of the stunning photos for you to see, but alas, I was unable to obtain permission in time to use it.

Anyhoo, on with the show. This week I present to you, Trix Krispies Treats–a fun and colorful spin on Rice Krispies Treats. In addition to being so pretty, the recipe promises they are really quick and easy to make. Only 5 minutes of prep time, 5 minutes of “cooking” time, and 3 ingredients: marshmallows, Trix cereal, and butter.

And now because I love you fine people so much, and because I didn’t have any nice pictures to accompany this post, I took one for the team and actually made these bad boys. See, see . . .

907256_10201002062718727_1610578066_n (1)

908792_10201002741215689_1524856161_n (1)

So technically I wasn’t too tired to try them, but I can promise that I was tired when I made them. And my apologies for the less-than-professional quality of the photos. But you know, cell phone and all.

I must say, these are a good little treat. If you’d like to give them a try, click here to visit Cravings of a Lunatic for instructions (and to see her pretty pictures).

As always, if you try it, let us know how it turns out. And send some pics!

I’m no cooking or crafting guru, so I started these Too Tired to Try Tuesday posts to share craft and recipe ideas that I’ve come across and would really like to try but am just too damned tired (that sounds better than lazy, right?) to get around to. In addition to ideas that I find, I am open to submissions from you–either something tried and true or something you want to try but haven’t had the time to. Just send me an email at raisingwildthingsblog@gmail.com with your ideas, and I may share them here. (And by “may” I mean “will definitely”! I just confessed how lazy tired I am, so if you take the time to send me something to share, I’m going to share it!)


Recovering from Momopause

At 34, I’ve already had my quarter-life crisis, and I’m too young for a mid-life crisis. (Right? RIGHT?) But something is definitely going on with me. I’m suddenly incredibly into the idea of totally and completely changing my physical appearance. In addition to my desire to get fit and back down to my college weight (after 3 babies, this is harder than I ever could have imagined), I’ve been thinking a lot lately about getting a nose ring; getting a really short, edgy haircut; and highlighting my hair some insanely bright color. Like fiery red, or maybe turquoise. And maybe some more tattoos.

Essentially, I want to go from average, plain Jane mom to someone more along the lines of Pink.

And after much soul searching, my friends, I’ve discovered that the reason I’m feeling compelled to do this is because I want to drag myself out of what I’m terming momopause.

mom · o ·pause (noun) \mah muh poz\

The cessation of the ability to care about one’s physical appearance after having kids; period may be as brief as a few weeks after delivery or possibly permanent (usually dependent on one’s level of motivation and the number of kids one has); more than not results from loss of time to oneself for maintaining even basic hygiene (e.g., brushing teeth, showering) due to selflessly caring for others (including, but not limited to, a spouse or significant other, children, pets, strangers) and putting their needs first.

Here is where a visual may be helpful. This is me on any given day:

Hello, my name is Mackenzie, and I suffer from momopause!

Hello, my name is Mackenzie, and I suffer from momopause!

Eeeeeek, can’t believe I just showed a full-body shot here. Ah well, here I am in all my glory, I suppose.

Before kids I showered regularly, did my hair and makeup, and liked, at the very least, to look presentable. I enjoyed getting my nails done from time to time (or even doing them myself at home) and going clothes shopping. Today, I’m lucky if I can find a clean shirt to throw on over my most-comfortable pair of yoga pants and brush the mess that is my hair before running out the door. (And if I don’t have anywhere to go, fahgeddaboudit.) And it’s an extra lucky day if I can remember to brush my teeth. Terribly cliche. But true nonetheless.

It’s not exactly that I don’t care what I look like, because I’d be lying if I said that were the case, I just don’t have the time to do much about anything. (Note in my definition of “momopause” I said it’s the “cessation of the ability to care about one’s physical appearance…” Like, there just isn’t time even if I wanted to do anything about it!)

So, how am I going to recover from this momopause? Well, the first step is admitting that I do in fact suffer from momopause. I think the picture I shared here speaks for itself. But, if you want a full-on confession, here it is: Hello, my name is Mackenzie, and I suffer from momopause.

The second step is to make some changes–you know, the piercing and dye job and tattoos I was talking about earlier. Ok, well I probably won’t pierce my nose or get any more tattoos (probably), but I think I will look into doing something fun and a little outside of my comfort zone with my hair. And I’m making a pledge to drag myself into the shower more often–for my sake as well as those around me–and get dressed up even on days when I have nowhere to go. (And by “dressed up” I mean throw on some jeans and a nice, colorful, stain-free shirt.) Maybe even get back to getting my nails done every now and then. Basically, treat myself to some fun and allow some time for me to feel good about me. Like I used to.

An important point I’d like to make here is that I’m not doing any of this for anyone other than me. I honestly do not care what other people think about how I look or dress (well, maybe with the exception of my husband), and if it made me feel good, I’d keep up this low-maintenance, no-time-to-do-much, chic look for eternity. But it doesn’t make me feel good. It makes me feel frumpy. And older than my years. And completely un-me. And I need to get back to feeling like me.


Lazy Sunday: Week in Review 4/7/13

Lazy Sundays

In case you missed anything this week . . .

My Blog Posts

SO I STOPPED YELLING THIS WEEK!! Oh, sorry, I stopped yelling this week. I took The Orange Rhino Challenge because I’m tired of breaking down and yelling at my kids. I don’t like how I feel, and I don’t like how it makes them feel. “Actions speak louder than words,” I always say. Say. And now I’m doing. I’ve actually made it 1 week so far . . . there have been a few stern talking-tos, but no screaming. I’m trying, and better still, my kids are trying.

For Tuesday’s Too Tired to Try post, I shared a recipe for Crock Pot French dip subs that my friend Amy at Funny is Family tried out a while back and just raved about. The Girl Next Door Drinks and Swears is also a fan, and this dish has made birthday dinner status at her house. Must be good. I’m still waiting for someone to make me some.

Later in the week, I confessed that I need a translator for my kids . . . they just don’t seem to understand me when I speak. There are so many times when my words get lost in translation, and what my kids hear is not at all what I said. This is my favorite funny post that I’ve written so far.

In this week’s Shiny, Happy, Sparkly, Feel-Good Friday post I shared the two good Easter photos we got (out of the seemingly hundreds we took — oh, I shared some of these, too, don’ t worry), in addition to some other things that made me smile. (Please don’t forget to send in your photos or stories so I can include them as well! I think people are going to start getting really tired of seeing just my kids’ mugs, albeit extremely cute.)

I wrapped up the week with some blushing cheeks and shared a post in which I accepted some awards, told you a few more things about myself–like my undying love for ketchup–and shared a ton of awesome blogs you should check out if you’re looking for some good reading.

My Favorite Kid

This week my favorites said:

  • Sunday: “Here mamma, you can have my choc-wit,” said my favorite today.
  • Monday: “Mommy, I just need a hug from you,” said my favorite today (on more than one occasion).
  • Tuesday: “Mommy, I love you more than a cow,” said my favorite today. (Ummmm, ok.)
  • Wednesday: “<Insert baby babbling and belly laughing noises here>” said my favorite today.
  • Thursday: “Ok,” said my favorite today.
  • Friday: “Mommy, I wuv my baby brudder,” said my favorite today.
  • Saturday: “Can I help fold those clothes?” asked my favorite today.

My Top 5 Facebook Posts

My daughter has started requesting mac n cheese WITHOUT cheese! It’s like I don’t even know her anymore.

I think us parents share in some sort of collective hallucination whereby we often think we have this parenting thing figured out. In reality, our kids are out there plotting and laughing. And laughing and laughing. And laughing some more.

Me: Which Dinosaur Train episode would you like to watch?
3 yo: Da hatchin pardee peeze.
Me: Ok, the hatching party it is. *selects episode*
3 yo: *after show starts* I don’t want hatchin pardee!
Me: Yes you do, that’s what you just asked for.
3 yo: Ok. *sits quietly watching show*
What the what? This really just happened.

Well sh#t, I sure do. *closes eyes and repeats “I wouldn’t change it for the world, I wouldn’t change it for the world…”*

Shared from a reader on another page

Shared from a reader on another page

Direct quote from my daughter: “Mommy, when I grow up I want to be a window washer and a rock star.” So in 10 years when that window washing pop star becomes really popular, yeah, that’ll be my daughter.

There you have it. Just another week with the wild things.