"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot." (Aldo Leopold) Apparently, I cannot.

Lazy Sunday: Week in Review 4/14/13

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In case you missed anything this week . . .

My Blog Posts

So I’ve gotten into a mommy rut. I focus so much of my energy on my kids, I’ve forgotten to take care of me. Long hair I can put in a pony tail, no makeup, yoga pants and (usually a clean) tshirt . . . not to mention my complete lack of desire to do any sort of exercising. But I decided to make some changes and work on recovering from what I term momopause. My first step was to completely chop off my hair. I’m still deciding on a nose ring and more tattoos.

On Tuesday, I went against the point of my Too Tired to Try Tuesday post and actually made what I shared: Trix Krispies Treats. The reason for this was twofold — the recipe really is that easy, plus I needed a photo of the finished product because I couldn’t get permission in time to use one from the original post. Plus I needed a little sweet fix. Ok, so I guess that’s threefold. These are pretty and a fun little twist on traditional Rice Krispies Treats.

The next day I shared with you an update on my progress in The Orange Rhino challenge. My original goal was 365 days of no yelling. How many did I manage? Am I still going? And what have I learned?

And finally, as always, I wrapped up the week with our Shiny, Happy, Sparkly, Feel-Good Friday post — a pig in a sweater, chocolate moustaches, and lots of kid cuteness filled this post. Thanks to everyone who shared a little bit of happy with us. Keep it coming!

My Favorite Kid

This week my favorites said:

  • Sunday: “I think we should turn the tv off for a long time now,” said my favorite today.
  • Monday: “Mommy, I know if I’m scaried Sissy will pwee-tect me,” said my favorite today. (And yes, back to calling me Mommy, phew!)
  • Tuesday: “Mommy, I will hold Sissy’s hand and make sure she is safe,” said my favorite today. (He’s on a roll.)
  • Wednesday: “Whhheeeeeeeee,” said my favorites (note the plural here) today as we drove around with the windows down.
  • Thursday: “Mamma, this tongue in my mouf is for lickin ice cream. And chocolate,” said my favorite today. (Can’t really argue with that.)
  • Friday: “I’m going to sleep the latest tomorrow morning,” said my favorite today.
  • Saturday: “I wish Daddy could stay home everyday,” said my favorite today.

My Top 5 Facebook Posts

My friend Amy (Funny is Family) turned me on to doing little screenshots of my posts — I thought this was way more fancy than the boring italics treatment I’d been using. 🙂 Thanks, Amy.


There you have it. Just another week with the wild things.

Author: Mamma Wild Thing

I'm a mamma to four little wild things and can't imagine life any other way. (Well, most days.)

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