"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot." (Aldo Leopold) Apparently, I cannot.

A Day in the Life: In Pictures


If you didn’t pick up on all of my whining these past few days, I am sick. Sicker than I’ve been in a very long time kinda sick. And not surprisingly, it suuuuuuuuuuuucks to be sick when you have to take care of other human beings, including one that is also sick. And a baby. And can’t do anything for himself.

As I was sitting home the other day being all sick, I started taking pictures of the havoc the kids were wreaking on the house and texting them to Super as I lay–head pounding, nose running, eyes burning–on the couch with very little energy to get up and redirect their never-ending energy. Partly because I wanted him to be prepared for what he would be coming home to, and partly because the child in me thought it was kinda, sorta funny. Like, holy cow, how can all of this stuff possibly be happening funny, not holy cow, that’s not gonna be fun to clean up funny.

After my third picture, Super texted back that I should include the pics in a blog post about what happens at home when mamma is sick and can’t do jack crap about it. “Brilliant,” I thought. But then I really started thinking…what was happening in my house on this day was no different than what happens on any other given day, really. The only difference this day was that I was too incapacitated to really care. (I’m not going to lie, it was a nice change of pace.)

It also got me thinking about a great post I recently read about how we really need to stop telling lies on Facebook. So I decided to share a photo essay from a day in our life. Our real life. Scabs and all.

Now, because I didn’t think of this until close to the end of the day, these photos are not all from one day, BUT, I can promise they were all taken before I (errrr, Super) came up for the idea for this post. And they definitely represent a usual day with the wild things! Enjoy.

[Quick note: The editor in me feels I must share this…I am a little bit technologically challenged, so I know that all of the captions are not the same size or font, but I just could not get it all to be consistent, and this is driving me bat shit crazy. But, I don’t know how to fix it, so it is what it is. Recognize.]

This is how our days start -- with all the monkeys piling up in our bed

This is how our days start — with all the monkeys piling up in our bed


We do some tv

We do some tv

pic 2

pic 3 pic 4

pic 5

pic 6

pic 7pic 7

pic 8   pic 9

pic 9

pic 10

pic 11

It’s all exhausting. And all worth it.

What does a typical day in YOUR life look like? I want to see!

Author: Mamma Wild Thing

I'm a mamma to four little wild things and can't imagine life any other way. (Well, most days.)

5 thoughts on “A Day in the Life: In Pictures

  1. Ha ha ha — that’s my daughter’s idea of resting when I tell her it’s time to turn of the tv. What a weirdo, eh?

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  3. I had to laugh… I have a 4 year old, 2.5 year old and 8 month old so your day looks awful similar to mine!! 🙂
    I too have a kitchen klepto and find wooden utensils in with the bath toys… And everywhere else for that matter. My pizza wheel is still missing though. Yikes!! :-/

  4. Kitchen kelpto, lol. That might be a new nickname around here. 🙂

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