"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot." (Aldo Leopold) Apparently, I cannot.

Lazy Sunday: Week in Review 3/10/13


Lazy Sundays

I meant to get this out earlier this morning, but I’ve been stuck to my couch most of the day. And not in a good way. My littlest man has a nasty upper respiratory infection, and apparently I now have the plague as well.

So, no frills in this one. Sorry folks. I will be climbing in bed as soon as this is posted so that I can wake up in a few hours (hopefully that long) with a sick baby and get little sleep in between because my own snoring and inability to breathe will keep waking me up.

In case you missed any posts this week, I shared a 3-part series about things you know but don’t really know until you have kids.

The point to all of this was to provide a realistic view of what it means to have kids. And while all of this stuff is SO VERY TRUE, they are absolutely worth all of it!

In between sharing some of my parenting “expertise,” I also shared a Liebster Award with some very funny bloggers. If you’re interested in some more laughs in your day, you should definitely check them out. (But only after you’ve read all of my stuff. Of course.) You’ll also learn a few more fun facts about me in this one, like the sad fact that I had to have my wedding band cut off of my finger. At the fire station. With 10 big burly men watching and asking how exactly I let my finger get so swollen to the point of needing my ring cut off. Good question, burly men, good question.

I’m also hoping to use my “Lazy Sunday” posts to share some of my favorite Facebook posts from the week, but I’m just too damn tired right now, so I’ll start doing that next week. If you want to find me on Facebook, click here.

I’m also now on Twitter. Yes, I know, another time suck. I only just started my Twitter account today, and have sent exactly one tweet . . . but, as soon as I’m feeling better, I’ll be using it more and more. If you’re interested in finding me there, check out @rsngwildthings.

Hope everyone is feeling better than me. Enjoy the last few hours of the weekend. Oh, and daylight savings, you can suck it!

Goodnight, Mackenzie

Author: Mamma Wild Thing

I'm a mamma to four little wild things and can't imagine life any other way. (Well, most days.)

3 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday: Week in Review 3/10/13

  1. Feel better! Welcome to Twitter!

  2. I suck at Twitter, but when I remember to get on there it is a time suck fo sho! Feel better!

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