"There are some who can live without wild things and some who cannot." (Aldo Leopold) Apparently, I cannot.

Our Cast of Characters


So I spoke with the kids about how mommy is going to be writing about them and sharing funny stories with our friends, and, as promised, asked them to pick their very own super special names for me to use in these stories. Without further adieu, then, please allow me to introduce you to our cast of characters (emphasis on “characters”) . . .

First up, my 5-year-old daughter. (She just turned 5 a few days ago, but I swear she thinks she’s at least 10.) When I asked her what name she wanted, she came up with “Busy Izzy,” “Bunk,” “I don’t know, you choose,” and then settled on “Belle.”

Channeling Punky Brewster . . . apparently she still "fits" in her 6-12 month clothes

Channeling Punky Brewster . . . apparently she still “fits” in her 6-12 month clothes

So, this is Belle. Belle comes to us standing at 3 1/2 feet tall and weighing in at 40-some lbs. Likes: fashion (clearly!), baby dolls, princesses, ponies, drawing, reading, singing, dancing, anything sparkly . . . pretty much anything traditionally “girly.” (This is funny to me because I was a tomboy when I was little. [I know, it’s hard to believe since I’m practically a model now.]) Dislikes: vegetables, shows about dinosaurs (see below), having to ask for help. Belle is the sweetest big sister ever, and my heart swells with pride as I watch her with her brothers.

Next up, my oldest son. When I asked him what name he wanted, he said, “Spinosaurus.” Now, I know I said I’d let them pick out their own names, but there is no way I’m going to type out “Spinosaurus” a thousand times in my posts. I asked him for a second name, and he said, “Saurus.” I sighed and asked him to give me a real name, and he said, “Saurus. You don’t like ‘Saurus,’ mommy?” Then I felt guilty. So, meet, “Saurus.”

Ok, so his name fits

Ok, so his name fits (and yes, that is his sister’s chapstick all over his face)

Saurus is 3 years old, stands a little more than 3 feet tall, and weighs in at just more than 30 lbs. Likes: dinosaurs, shows about dinosaurs, books about dinosaurs, dinosaur toys, dinosaur stuffed animals. Did I mention dinosaurs? Oh, and pretty much any food. Like, if you have food, you can bet he’ll be cozying up to you and begging for some. Dislikes: tags of any kind in his clothes, sharing, timeouts. Although Saurus can give me a run for my money, he is the sweetest little cuddle bug with a smile that I’m sure could melt even the coldest of hearts. (Really, just look at that face!)

And finally, there’s my 7-month-old. When I asked him what name he wanted, he said, “Pfft boo baa goo gaaa daaa daaa ahhhhh.” Alrighty then. Clearly he is too little to pick his own name, so I decided to pick for him. I couldn’t decide on a name, though, so I got some help. I pulled out the trusty baby name book, flipped to a random page, closed my eyes, and pointed. It is my pleasure to introduce you to Montaine, Lester, Tavaris, Leonidus . . . seriously baby book? C’mon. Fine, I’ll pick. It is my pleasure to introduce you to “Eli.” I picked this name because it was in the running as an actual name every time we had a baby but never got picked.

My little mover and shaker

My little mover and shaker

Eli measures in at 26 and a half inches, and weighs 16 lbs. He’s our little peanut! Likes: being held by mommy ALL THE TIME. Ok, not all the time, because occasionally he does like to crawl around and find tiny specs of anything to put into his mouth and scare mommy to death that he’s choking. Oh, he also likes chewing on anything he can get his little hands on, taking baths, and sleeping (when he doesn’t have an ear infection). Dislikes: poopy diapers, being away from mommy, sleeping with an ear infection, not getting what he wants when he wants it. (Technically, I could use this for all three, and, if I’m being honest, myself.) Eli really does have the sweetest disposition (aside from typical baby fussiness) and is taking after his brother in the cuddles and smile department.

So, there you have it. These are my three wild things!

Oh wait, I forgot to introduce you to my biggest wild thing, my husband. As I’m sure he’ll be making an appearance here from time to time, I’ll give him a name, too. Well, to be fair, I asked him what name he wanted, but since this is a family-friendly blog, I can’t share the suggestions he made. If you have a husband (or know any man, really), I’m sure you can guess the kinds of descriptive names he was suggesting. My next choice for his name, Doctor, has already been taken by a friend for her husband in her blog. (Speaking of which, you should check out her blog, too: www.funnyisfamily.com!) Technically, she calls her husband “The Doctor,” but I figured this was too close, so decided I needed something else. I settled on modifying a nickname his doctor buddies call him . . . they nicknamed him “Super [Real Name],” so henceforth, I will be referring to my hubby as “Super.” I know I’m biased because I married the guy, but the name really does fit! (And if you’re reading this, babe, I’m hoping this wins me some points and you remember this next time you get irritated with me for anything! Hold on, “if?” Let me rephrase that, you better be reading this!)

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting the family. Can’t wait to begin sharing our stories with you!

Author: Mamma Wild Thing

I'm a mamma to four little wild things and can't imagine life any other way. (Well, most days.)

4 thoughts on “Our Cast of Characters

  1. Damn, girl! A shout-out on the first day? Thanks!

  2. You know it! (Actually that was just a test to see if you were reading.) In all seriousness, you and all the other funny, witty, hilarious mommy bloggers I follow have really inspired me, so I just want to share the love!

  3. I love this, you really are a good writer! Can’t wait to read more.

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